New Home Construction Incentive

Our New Home Construction Incentive Program

FREE Home Buyer Representation and Up To 25% Cash Credit Back (Max $10,000)

This Is the Program You Just Might Be Needing When Buying New Construction

Do you have your heart set on buying a brand new home through a builder? If you said YES then read on and get ready to call us for a FREE over the phone consultation about our New Home Construction Incentive Program.

100% no obligation to do anything and 100% No-Cost to you if you utilize our buyer services. 

Just some information you should know about before going and visiting a builder project without representation. 

If you are in the market for a New Home Construction product, then you need to contact us FIRST before visiting any of the new build projects you have your eye on. 


*FREE Home Buyer Representation

*Your Best Interest Is In Mind (Not the Builders)

*Up to 25% Cash Back Credit* From Our Commission Upon a Successful Closing (Max $10,000)

In today’s market, builders CO-OP with real estate Brokers like myself and pay a commission to bring them a qualified buyer who purchases one of their homes. How does us getting paid a commission benefit you? Glad you asked and it’s a great question.

By calling us FIRST and allowing us the opportunity to visit the project with you on your FIRST VISIT, we are then considered your real estate representative. This means we would register you as our client on the FIRST VISIT and if you were to buy a home from a builder we visited together on your FIRST VISIT, we GIVE BACK up to 25% Cash Credit* (*max of $10,000) of whatever commission we earn on the successful closing of your transaction. This is money that is credited to you at closing to help with your closing costs and/or any builder upgrades allowed by the builder. 

Not only are we offering this incentive back to you, you are also being fairly represented on a real estate transaction.

Too many times we see buyers walk-in to a new home construction sales office, fall in love with the models and buy a home, only to have no representation. The new home sales reps are knowledgeable about the product and project they are working at, but they are there to represent the BUILDERS best interest and only sell their product. 

Call Us First! 

If you’re wondering where to begin, call us TODAY at 949-554-9110. Again, there is NO-COST to you and NO OBLIGATION to do anything after we talk on the phone.

If you elect to move forward, we’ll identify individual builder communities you are interested in, check availability on lots, move-in dates, builder incentives being offered, customization options and share this information with you before moving forward.

Two Key Requirements to This Program:

1. Builders must be offering a CO-OP commission to Brokers representing buyers

2. We must be present with you on a FIRST VISIT to any community you are interested in.

We have the ability staffing of agents to represent buyers in the following counties:

Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino

CALL US TODAY at 949-554-9110 to get more information.

In the meantime, feel free to visit the following New Home Source Guide for builder projects in your area. Get an idea as to what is out there and then call us so we can do the rest of the leg work for you. 

Your New Home Source Guide

*Our New Home Construction Incentive Program is in the form of a cash-back credit to be applied to lender approved closing costs, and or builder approved upgrades and credit must show on the final HUD1 as a buyer credit from selling Broker. In order to receive this incentive, you must be a client of Jeff Petsche or any licensed affiliate of The Petsche Group under Keller Williams Realty. The cash-back credit amount is based on a percentage of Realtor’s buyer-side commission of at least 2% of sales price on a newly built home valued at $350,000 or more, and will be disclosed to client by signed contract.